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About Mississauga Newborn Photographer Jovita Pais


Hi, I’m a newborn photographer in Mississauga, Ontario also specializing in babies, children, maternity, and family photography. I can’t wait to meet you and your family!

Everyone has a dream to follow and mine was no different. I left the corporate world to pursue photography full time.

From the first cry of neonates through to their first words, crawling, admiring them during their nap times, sitting up late nights, watching those first front milk teeth sprout; from childbirth on we see our babies transition all along. Spending time with our little pumpkins and wishing to cherish the birth of a child fuel my passion to create beautiful portraits that will make families enjoy each time they pass that hallway of lovely portraiture filled with moments.

There’s nothing more I love during a newborn photo session than savoring and photographing baby’s curious expressions, the tender bond shared between the babe with parents and the bundle of joy’s feel to need connection when sleepy. I use established and trusted practices when working with your precious newborn baby, but I’m always learning new skills and techniques, constantly updating myself.

My style has been defined as natural using the organic light around, but I also love capturing earthy, moody photos. I would love to welcome you to our comfortable home studio in Mississauga, where you are welcome to soak in the session.

The first few days of infancy are an incredible time of growth and change. Don’t miss this opportunity to document their journey and create the precious heirlooms that will be cherished by your family for generations.

LIVE every moment, CAPTURE it with us...