Annual Photo sessions is a must have in every Family. It is to treasure the fleeting moments and frame them above the mantle escpecially this Holiday/Christmas season. As we look back to our photo albums during this holiday season, family sessions whether they are Fall/Autumn photos or a Christmas card, those fleeting moments are cherished forever so what you choose to wear for these sessions is very important as finding the perfect photographer.

What do you wear for your family photo session or how do you coordinate outfits for your family session?

1) Plan: The more time you give yourselves in planning ahead, the more relaxed you would be for the photo session especially families with kids, there are poop accidents that may soil the clothes or for one such incidents with a photo sessions with my client, while driving the car had her little kid in the back seat sipping juice which she accidentally spilled all over her beautiful dress that she so carefully picked for this occasion. It’s always good to carry an alternate outfit to save you from incidents such as these.

2) Colors that match your home decor: Some of these photos will be on display and hanging in your home for some time. Choose colors that coordinate with your home decor style.

3) Clothes: Choose colors that are neutral and coordinating, avoid matching them. Achieve a cohesive look with every family member choosing to wear outfits from the different tones of the same color palate. Take into account the season and dress accordingly layering them with solid colors, you can always achieve a different look with layers.

4) Keep the Location in mind: Dress appropriately as per the location whether there is a lot of bright fall foliage or of blooms during Spring. Choose a color that complement with the surrounding and with each other within the family.

5) Patterns: Patterns, super hero characters and big Logos is not something that you would want to keep as a timeless portrait during a Christmas session. Go for a timeless or classic look depending on the theme and season of your session.

6) The theme: Fall/ Autumn has a warm and soft sunlight whereas Christmas depending on whether the photosessions are outdoors or at a studio has red/green theme. Plan according to the theme and that one may not wear matching colors with the background that may end up having your family camouflaged.

7) Accessorize: Create a connection within family members not only with your aura but also with your accessories. Mix and match styles such as scarfs, jackets, hats to create a cohesive feel.

Now that you have got plenty of styling tips and tricks, it will be easier for you to prepare for the photo sessions whether outdoors or at a studio. Plan ahead, prepare and enjoy!